Our home has always been our safe place. You walk in from a long day’s work and the second you step in the house, you feel a sense of relief. Crawling into bed at night, our minds are at ease without the thought of being exposed to danger or risk. Recently, this changed and we thought we’d share and see if anyone else has experienced this type of scare.

It all started with us waking up and starting off the day, it was roughly 6:15 a.m. when Britt headed downstairs to start her school work at her desk, which is in front of one of our windows at the front of the house. Before even turning the light on, Britt noticed a car pull up in front of our house, shut the lights off and just sat there. Right away she said, “Steph, its weird this car pulled up in front of our house and is just sitting there, seems odd.” I looked outside and there was a black Jetta with tinted windows, idling in front of our house.

Britt hesitated turning the lights on and getting to work because it’s a weird feeling to know you can’t see the person, but they can see you. Although we thought it was strange, we just chalked it up to the person being a worker that was waiting for his crew, since new houses are being built across the street.

Two hours later, Britt is ready to head to work, but the car is still there and the person is still inside the car. I told Britt to see if she could get the license plate number when she left, without making it obvious. Before she pulled out of our driveway, she text and said that it was a BC plate, but she couldn’t really get the number because it had a tinted plastic cover over it. Weird!

At this point, we weren’t too concerned and just went about our day. I can tell you that we were both happy I was working from home. Clients came and went throughout the day and the car was just sitting there, idling. I decided to text Britt and tell her that I was going to post something on our neighbourhood Facebook page, just in case this has happened to someone else. It simply read – I noticed this car pulled up in front of our house at 630 am, person stayed in the running car for 5 hours. I was just about to call the cops and they left. I took a photo, license plate looked like BC. Everything was tinted so I couldn’t get a good look at individual or plates.

I’m really happy I did because within minutes a neighbour posted that there had been two break-ins two nights before on the street that was across from us. Now we wondered if the car was watching to see when people left for work, to pick the next targeted house. Not a good feeling! Another neighbour commented saying she thought she had been followed out of our subdivision by that same car. She was fairly certain that this car followed her all the way to her dentist appointment. She was scared to the point of calling her husband to say she was being followed! We chatted for a bit and came to the conclusion that it was best to involve the police. She called the non-emergency line that night to let them know the details. They told her to call back immediately if they showed up again.

When we woke up the next morning, there was no car. We felt a sense of relief that maybe it was just a weird, one-off instance. However, once 7:00 a.m. rolled around, Britt tells me that the car is back. This is where it was interesting for us.

We debated for about 5 minutes…do we call the police? Are we just being paranoid? It’s not really an emergency, do we want to bother the police? I can fully admit I watch too much Dateline and 20/20, which makes me plan for everything, even worst case scenario. But I have to say it is rare that Britt and I ever get creeped out for a car parked out front, this was different. We both had our guard up, especially with the recent break-ins and his odd behaviour with another neighbour yesterday, so we called. We tried the non-emergency line, but there was no answer. We debated again for a couple of minutes, do we call 9-1-1? We decided to call.

The 9-1-1 operated thanked us for calling, asked a few questions and got the details. What was interesting is she didn’t have on record that there was a call made the night before, possibly because it was the non-emergency number so we filled her in about the incident and the break-ins. She said they’d send someone over. I posted in our Facebook group that the car was back and the cops had been called.

Our neighbours rallied together in the hour wait for the police. Some drove by to get the license plate, others walking their dogs took pictures. The communication on our Facebook page was constantly updated to let everyone know that they were keeping a good eye on him until the police arrived.

Once the police showed up, they got the gentleman out of his car, took his documentation and talked to him for a few minutes before they left. I received a call from the police headquarters to provide an update. They said that the gentleman in the car told them he was doing work around the neighbourhood and would be leaving in the afternoon. Red flag. Who does work in their running car for 5 hours? It seemed very sketchy and I told him again about the incident last night, which he was unaware of. I guess there was lack of communication between everyone.

When I told our neighbour, the one who was followed, she decided to call the police again. She was unsure why they didn’t have a record of her initial complaint. Dispatch spoke with the responding office regarding all of the details of the event. The officer reached back out to our neighbour to get further clarification – I think he realized it was more serious. In the meantime, the car was confronted by a neighbour and was asked to leave. The gentleman told this neighbour that he was looking at properties – contrary to what he told the police earlier. The strange Jetta peeled out of our neighbourhood, driving erratically and almost hit another car. Once the police officer returned and had all the details, he decided to call the gentleman in the black Jetta and said that if he returned he would be arrested. We haven’t seen him since 🙂

We are incredibly grateful for our neighbours and the Facebook page that allowed us to share our concerns and keep one another updated as the situation progressed.

We wanted to write this blog as a reminder to all of you to be safe and listen to your gut. Intuition is so powerful and very rarely is it wrong! Also…be prepared!

Do you have a plan if someone was to break in? Do you have an alarm system? Is your phone close to your bed in case you need to call 9-1-1? Do you have an exit plan if there was a fire? Have you changed your batteries in your fire alarm? Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm? What would your kids do in a state of emergency?

After this incident, we had an alarm system installed ($30 a month) for peace of mind. We have a plan and we keep our phones close by. First responders will tell you that a plan is key. Once fear or shock hits, it’s much harder to think and keep calm.

We want our readers safe!!! Please go to this link for some helpful tips – Get Prepared

We would love to hear from you about any incidents you’ve experience or any tips you have on safety plans!

Team #27

4 thoughts on “Safety

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. Another tip I was just told about the other day….take your car keys to bed with you. If you hear anything hit the alarm button on the key chain. Your car will go off and hopefully scare anyone away. I’ve only ever used this function by accident and hurried to try and shut it off. Lol

    Keep safe and never second guess yourselves.


  2. I would definitely be doing the same as you guys! Gut instinct is something never to be ignored! We are not in the habit of locking doors as we live in county and are very safe (yes i know bad habit) but a few months ago one of the farms near us started construction and I had a strange feeling of being watched – I said to Mack we need to lock the doors I don’t trust this feeling and there are way too many strange vehicles coming in and over at the next farm – took us over an hour to find the actual keys but two days later we discovered someone had tried to steal gas and actually slashed our gas can etc. In speaking with the neighbours there had been several break ins on our road that week……
    Mind you I am quite surprised who ever it was got past the guard rooster!


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