Age Struggles – #11


Last week’s blog was opening up about some of our life struggles, we talked about anxiety and how life can get us feeling a bit overwhelmed at times. This week I thought I’d talk about something that has shown itself a little more over the past couple of years – age.

I’ve never felt my age and those digits are merely just a number…43 pffftttt, I feel like I’m in my early twenties. But this past weekend reminded me that there are definitely days where my age is creeping in.

I’ve played sports my entire life and have very rarely been injured. But in the past couple of years I have to say; the injuries seem to be tallying up. This past weekend, I was in a hockey tournament and I had injured my back in a game the weekend before. My norm for healing past injuries is to add a bit more stretching and some hydrotherapy to my routine, then I’d be good to go for the following week. That has definitely changed. Now my healing routine consists of: seeing my chiropractor; seeing my massage therapist; take meds; add cartilage replenishing vitamins; KT tape; and decrease gym workouts…oh and then still carry on with stretching and hydro, lol! Then I hope to hell that I can hold up for the 4 or 5 hockey games.

I’ve also caught myself during a face off or shaking hands at the end of our game saying things like “How f’en old is this team? They all look 18!” The thing is…they are in their early twenties and half our team is mid-to-early forties. Now I have to say we keep up! We only lost 1-0 in the semi’s, but I can say I’m starting to notice my age, which I never really have before.

In recent years, I’ve had to adjust a few things in my life to accommodate this number. I go to bed earlier, I’ve reduced my 60 hour working week, party nights are rare, I look in the mirror and actually notice the lines around my eyes and apply stupid moisturizer, I’ve started to take vitamins and I can’t eat the way I used to (ugh stupid slower metabolism).

Here is the thing…I can’t stop the aging process, but I can embrace it and adjust where I need to. I will never use age as an excuse to stop me from achieving my goals and accomplishments, but I can admit that my struggle is that I have noticed a change. I’ve had to make adjustments and in turn it’s reminded me that I’m not invincible. I am grateful that I love challenges and I really do believe that with the attitude I have it won’t allow age to ever take over.


I was going to leave this post entirely for Steph, but once I read what she wrote, I had to jump in and give her a bit more kudos than what she’s giving herself.

It’s been tough to see Steph plagued with injuries over the last couple of years. From torn ligaments to broken ankles to back injuries, it’s been a journey. But honestly, unless she chose to tell you about it (or you noticed the bright green cast), you would have no idea. There is literally nothing that can keep this one down.

I joke with her all the time and tell her she’s old – because that’s what a good wife does right? But the joke’s on me because she’s got FAR more energy than I do…injuries and all. I mean, she built our fence with a broken ankle. Who does that?!

6 thoughts on “Age Struggles – #11

  1. LOL. I tend to not think about the age difference between Brittney and Steph. When the relationship first came to light for us we had a lot to think about and age was difference was a big factor/concern. Since then we have got to know Steph and age becomes not a factor once you get to know her. She is a very young at heart person! But age is still there. As these two consider a family it becomes a factor again. And as Steph discusses her age it brings to light that she is ALMOST half way between Brittney and I. So I can relate to the “getting old” feeling healing slower. Workouts are harder. Recovery is longer. But I will say I have no worries that Steph is a long way away from being old. A long way away from feeling old. She is very young at heart and even though I know the children they have will tucker her out she will be right there causing trouble and testing Brittney’s patience. LOL. Steph me get be feeling old but she is amazingly young. At heart. In spirit. Their children are going to love her. And text her against Brittney all the time. Can’t wait!

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    1. It’s crazy isn’t it??? Thank you for your post, it brought a big smile to my heart. I definitely look up to you when it comes to juggling everything you have to do and still working out every morning. Just think how awesome it will be with a couple more grandkids, lol!!! We got this 🙂 Love you!


    2. All of this is so true! Especially that Steph will be right in there causing trouble haha! You definitely aren’t showing any signs of slowing down either. Love you xoxo


    1. Thank you so much!! You’ve been rocken it…walks, skiing, travel a big move, the grand babies, nothing slows you down!! Love you so much 😘


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